Assignment & exam solving work from home needed

 نذكر اننا وسيط لنشر فرص العمل و لسنا مكتب توظيف في حال وجود خطا في اعلان الوظيفة 

‏Are you a beast at one of these subjects, with high grades in all your courses? Did you recently graduate or are you an outstanding student? Do you want to work from home and make a great deal of money while doing what you’re best at?


‏➡️ Assignment & exam solving ⬅️

‏- Economics
‏- Finance
‏- Accounting
‏- Business
‏- Statistics
‏(Bachelors, Masters, PhD)

‏(Senior/junior students are considered as well)

‏Send a text to: 71623018 (WhatsApp)
‏please include:

‏1. Full name
‏2. Degree / Field of expertise
‏3. College transcript (Pictures of grades)
‏4. Your phone number

‏➡️Must be extremely fluent in English
‏➡️Freshly graduated from bachelor/postgrad..
‏➡️HIGH GPAs (85+ is minimum. 93+ preferred)

‏Lenient work, outstanding pay.

‏We will explain the full process. We hope to hear from you soon.

‏Serious applicants only.

‏(All online)

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