An intern reasearcher is needed for a crypto company

 نذكر اننا وسيط لنشر فرص العمل و لسنا مكتب توظيف في حال وجود خطا في اعلان الوظيفة 

We are hiring an intern researcher to be a part of Cryptoware’s UX design team.


The responsibilities ar


-Researching about various crypto and blockchain-related topi

-Writing articles/blog

-Assisting the design team in preparing surveys and interviews for user research


The candidate will also be learning UX research tools and frameworks. There are no specific requirements in terms of soft or hard skills, other than having good writing and analytical/critical skill


However, it would be considered a plus if the candidat


-Has a decent amount of knowledge about the crypto and blockchain spa

-Is familiar with design thinking and/or other research tool

-Has problem-solving skills Candidates from any field or background can apply, however, we prefer fresh graduates or soon-to-be graduates from a design or social sciences field


Send an email to [email protected] to appl

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